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Burglary Repairs

We professionally repair all types of burglary damage. In emergencies, we also come out at night, at weekends and on public holidays. Our mobile workshop contains glass, locks, cylinders and fittings.

We eliminate your burglary damage - visually and functionally

The most common marks left behind by perpetrators are lever marks and scratched locks. Glass panes are only broken in rare cases, as there is a high risk that the resulting noise will alarm surrounding neighbours. An expensive replacement of the entire frame is usually unnecessary; minor damage can be repaired quickly and cleanly.

When repairing damaged windows and doors, it is not only the visual restoration that is important but also the functionality. For example, the material, usually plastic or wood, is severely affected by levering and no longer offers sufficient security.

Our security experts at London Locksmith specialise in the professional and cost-efficient repair of damage after a break-in with burglary. An essential part of our services is the restoration of UPVC windows and doors. We use forward-looking, innovative techniques to repair damage to windows and doors: filling cracks and dents, processing with plastic levelling compound, heat treatment of plastic surfaces, additional varnishing, including various shades of white and RAL colours. We think it makes more sense to repair quickly and cheaply than to replace expensively.

The risk increases - react preventively to renewed burglary attempts

Many victims of an (attempted) burglary no longer feel safe within their own four walls afterwards. Unfortunately, this fear is often justified. In recent years, the risk of recent burglaries has increased significantly. If the perpetrator or perpetrators were disturbed during their first break-in or suspect additional loot in the house or flat, they increasingly dare to make an extra attempt. Even the immediate presence of the residents is not always a deterrent.

In addition to burglary damage repair, we offer you various options for upgrading your burglary protection. Besides preventive measures such as high-quality strike plates, bar locks, deadbolts or mushroom headlocks, additional visible locks and alarm systems also serve as a visual deterrent.

The London Locksmith professionals will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice – by telephone, in person at our advice centre or directly at your premises.

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