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Locksmiths in the business sector have an important role of keeping them safe. We have a specialist in commercial locksmiths who design different solutions for the requirements of industrial locations. For you with an emergency office lockout, call us any time and we ensure your safety and security are taken care of. Your business should not risk their security. For quick and dependable locksmith services, call us on 0203 667 3601.


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London Locksmiths, a well-known commercial locksmith in London, provides a variety of security services and commercial locksmith services for businesses located in London. Call our team at 0203 667 3601

Professional locksmiths, at whatever time, have a solution for every lock and door concern. We provide security solutions from our locksmiths with competitive pricing. We have a team of trained, polite, and welcoming staff who always try to exceed their customers’ requirements. The following is a price list and the types of services we sell. Our experience is great, we have a good perspective towards our customers.

Pricing For Local Commercial Locksmiths

You can call us first, and we shall charge you at pocket friendly rates since we quote competitively in the market. It comprises our 24-hour commercial locksmith service. Everything is a high priority in terms of workflow. We are near to anyone searching for a commercial locksmith near me, an emergency locksmith nearby, and so forth. Our price is affordable such that you will be saving. To confirm your appointment, dial 0203 667 3601.

Commercial Locksmith Services in London:


We are a recommended emergency locksmith company that can guarantee a reliable and professional service

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24 Hour Commercial Locksmith Services

The company guarantees business and home security in and to London. We have the state of art specialized tools which we employ when reassembling or disassembling our components. Our standard services include the following:

  • UPVC door lock replacement
  • Installation and repairs of emergency exit doors and locks.
  • Door closer repair and replacement
  • Repair and installation of digital and mechanical code locks
  • Door lock installation and repair
  • Installation of UPVC windows

Emergency Commercial Locksmith London – 24/7

Time is precious and we truly adhere to it. Any mishap related to the locking system of businesses can cause enormous losses. Our emergency 24/7 commercial locksmith services will reach your door in 15-30 minutes or less to resolve any locksmith issues or problems.

With our prompt handling of burglary and theft cases, there will be no further losses in relation to the building. We send out our trained commercial locksmith professionals and conduct security survey in order to provide you with additional protection from the future unpleasant occasions.


Installing New Lock

In case of emergency the locksmith has removed the existing lock and replaced it with a new one. Some of the sophisticated instruments needed by commercial locksmiths are the spanner, catch tool, and plug follower in order to unravel the intricacies of doorknob locks. Using the catch tool, it releases catch and separates the knob from the rose. You start with measuring every hole or gap in order to fit the new lock. The mechanisms are specially treated with diligence before dismantling; therefore, it’s more difficult to take apart the watch than put it back together again.

Delivering Satisfaction To The People Of London

We have a skilled team of commercial locksmiths who offer diverse services for sale that you may require. Our desire is to give services to all people, both private and commercial clients. This ensures that our customers get access to emergency support 24/7 and the provision of quality services. Anything can happen and we are ready for it. Our experts locksmiths and high-tech tools will reach you within a span of thirty minutes. This will also guarantee that you will not suffer any breakage of the door, window or lock. To be sure, customers in London and its environs are assured a good level of satisfaction.

Commercial Door Lock Repair Services Offering in London

Residential, Commercial and Busines customers are catered for by our wide array of professionals services. These services are provided by expert technicians and locksmiths.

  • Window installation and repair of UPVC locks.
  • Programming and key cutting
  • Commercial safe installation and commercial door lock repair.
  • Installation and repair of emergency exit locks
Door Repairs

Guaranteed security

We have a team of expert locksmiths who understand the use of equipment as well as how mechanisms work. They are provided with updated information and their trainings are well organized. The highest professional services are the efficient and safe professional services. In case of an emergency our commercial locksmiths remain calm as they know how to deal with a high amount of pressure. Annual Guarantee, London Locksmiths promises to offer these services. The organization’s experts will not bother clients with meaningless and excessive work.

Rapid response

Fast and reliable commercial locksmith services can be accessed from London Locksmiths. Our services are available round the clock on residential, commercial and office locations. It takes a lot of effort to resolve issues raised by the customers we have. Customers are our king. For this reason, we do our best to put their needs first. Regarding a variety of issues, e.g. lock outs, door repairs, safe installation etc., the fastest and most economical answer will be offered. Our customers receive immediate replies.

Commercial Locksmith Services Certified

This is because it’s necessary to offer an excellent final touch so we recruit qualified commercial lockmasters only. If one hires a professional locksmith for commercials, then the door will remain undamaged. As opposed to detailing solutions on security to customers, they know their products better than regular locksmiths hence protection solution. Some of their tricks could even get them in the office with only their skills, without even having to use a key if it was jammed.

Picking a commercial locksmith

You must make sure that you hire a qualified commercial locksmith service provider. Nonetheless, safety should come before price. These include credibility, reliability, trust, and being a trustworthy person. Ensure that you go through both positive and negative comments about a commercial locksmith before making the final decision. You will go for commercially locked locksmiths who must be licensed and insured experts and have honest services. Commercial locksmith companies are also there, and you may get their contact information online.

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Fast, Affordable and Secured Locksmith Services

Rest assured that our residential locksmith services are timely, top notch, and exactly where you need us. The best London locksmiths armed with top quality security products are very professional and will prepare any installation.

Nothing matters more than your security and safety. In addition, we want to achieve our clients’ satisfaction through providing top-notch service starting from exceptional customer care right at beginning.

We are recommended among the most reliable emergency locksmith services and ensure a professional, dependable support.

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Commercial Locksmiths FAQ

What do commercial locksmiths do?

Initially, a business will benefit from services provided by commercial locksmiths. Examples of these services may include replacing new locks, opening if you get locked out and even the putting in of a high-security lock system. Having issues with your company’s locks? Call us at 0203 667 3601.

Can commercial locksmiths help with office lockouts?

Yes, they can. We can also give access to you if you are locked out of the office. Our goal is to resolve your issue as fast as possible without destroying your lock. If you need help please call us on 0203 667 3601.

Do commercial locksmiths deal with electronic security systems?

Indeed. Unlike other locksmiths who only deal with the conventional locks, we use the electronic locks as well as security systems. So, if you have a problem with security in your company, contact us on 0203 667 3601 and we will do our best.

What does a commercial locksmith service cost?

Finally, the price usually depends on your preference. Our mission is to give value for money. For any enquiries relating to our prices, please contact us on 0203 667 3601.