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Lost the Safe Key & Locked Out of Your Safe?

Is it possible that the safe cannot be opened by you? Don’t panic. If you have a problem with an emergency opening, give us a call! We are available 24/7 to help solve this issue for you quickly. That’s why we are on standby at any time of day and night for you. Locksmiths Ltd have a highly qualified group of specialized locksmiths that deal with every type of safe, very fast and with no damage caused to your precious belongings. We are known for our speed, reliability, and professionalism. We offer our customer satisfaction guaranteed service. Over the years we now have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills that can enable us to effectively deal with any other safe-related problem efficiently. Now, a locked box can’t ruin your day! Call us now on phone number 0203 667 3601 and help us restore your much needed security and reassurance.

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Local Locksmith Safe Opening Service London

If it is a safe or some other lock that requires opening, repairing, or adjustment, then contact London Locksmiths for assistance. Give us a call on 0203 667 3601 if your safe is locked or damaged and we will open it for you. Years of lock jammed safe experience. Our customers have grown to trust our brand; thus, we continue to attract new ones such as the commercial and those who own safes in their homes.


We are a recommended emergency locksmith company that can guarantee a reliable and professional service

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Commercial Safety and Vault Service

Probably, the safest thing you have in your office is likely your safe. You deposit money and save your valuable items or daily income there. A safe is considered a necessity in security for most workplaces.

Our safety standards can influence timing, but we usually get to location within 30 minutes, and generally can break into your safe within one hour.

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Are You Having Problems With Your Safe at Home?

Many homes use safes to contain valuables such as expensive jewelry, cash, or priceless items that cannot be easily replaced. In case, your safe lock is damaged or you lose your keys call our safe engineering team. With all that we carry, we will be at your vault very soon.

How to Open a Safe/Vault Professionally

Lock picking precision techniques and lock manipulation can help in keeping the safes best preserved state and quality. The safes are always unlocked and made to regain their initial conditions. In addition, we deal exhaustively with fireproof safes, wall safes, and floor safes as well.

Expert Safe Opening Services in London

As leading specialists in safe opening in London, our reputation for exceptional standards is unrivaled. We know a locked safe can be a major nuisance and headache, and that is why we act right there on the spot. We have experienced professionals who can open any type of safe – from the traditional to the latest computerized types.

Using modern ways and superior equipment for harmless opening of your strongbox is our way of maintaining the quality of your property in your possession. We strive to provide a fast, secure and reliable product, with our reputation of being London’s premier safe openers.

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London's Trusted Safe Opening Experts

For opening safes in London, we are the experts that you should trust. Our team is highly experienced in this field and for decades now, they have mastered almost all types of safe handling techniques. We know that accessing your precious holdings is critical and our company offers quick as well as nondestructive method of picking a lock without any damage to the locked property.

However, our highly trained technologists always keep informed of the current safe technologies and opening techniques in order for you to be treated by excellent service each time. Trust us to open any type of safe, be it home safe, office vault, or commercial safe.

Quick and Reliable Safe Access Restoration

Trusted Safe Opening Services in London is aware of how critical each second becomes when you cannot get into your prized possessions. Thus, we strive for prompt and efficient safe access restoration. We have expert locksmiths who always stand ready to answer your calls every time and arrive at your location within a short span of time equipped with modern equipment meant for every type of safe. The safe opening procedure is smooth, damage free and complies with industry best practice You can trust us to give you quick, safe and non-disruptive access restored as soon as possible. In regards of quick fast openings services in London call our team.

Fast, Affordable and Secured Locksmith Services

Our promise is to always bring excellent locksmithing to you when you need it. All installations by a London locksmith use high quality security products of the best quality.

We value your safety. Additionally, our guarantee of high quality customer service is from the time of purchase until they are happy about the product or service.

We are an emergency Locksmithing business recommended by customers because they trust the specialist and our reliability service.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the cost of unlocking a safe in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the cost of opening a safe differs depending on issues such as the kind of safe and the expert’s charges. In terms of an average value, it may cost between £80 and £200 or even more.

What is the price of breaking the lock in a safe?

A safe’s lock cannot be picked without incurring costs that vary on account of safe make and locksmith fee. A simple safe may cost about £80 with prices reaching further given the complexity.

Who can unlock my safe?

You should let a professional locksmith or safe professional unlock your safe. This makes them experienced in the right way of opening safes without causing damages.

What if I lost the key, how can I open the safe?

By using techniques such as lock picking, safe drilling, or combination manipulation, a qualified locksmith will open the safe for you without destroying it and restore its use.