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Locked Out

Locked out? London Locksmith 0203 667 3601

London Locksmith: Cheap. Fair. Close. And very fast!

Have you locked yourself out?

London Locksmith has been operating as a locksmith specialist in London since 1992. Our technicians are all experienced and qualified master locksmiths. Are you locked out? We are experts and will open your doors promptly. And at reasonable prices. No matter if they are just shut or locked tight.

We have several locations to serve all districts of London quickly and competently. Our workshop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) for you. Our emergency service is always available for any emergency.

  • We guarantee no matter where you are in London
  • Our mechanics will be with you within 15-30 minutes!

Not only do we offer round the clock (24/7) accessible key service for locked doors, jammed locks or other emergencies. We also provide a secure safe opening, professional security technology and burglary protection. Our extensive consultations on burglary protection for your doors and windows are free of charge.

Reasonably priced and available 24 hours a day!

We are available for any emergency 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Also, on all bank holidays and weekends! Call us directly or use our contact form.

Locked out? No hidden fees

We offer crystal clear prices and fees. There are no additional charges for night, weekend or holiday call-outs! You can pay in cash or with your credit card.

Our locksmith service is available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a door opening and that in all districts. At reasonable and transparent prices, we open, for example, flat, cellar or balcony doors and also safes, using our modern equipment to hand over your locked door or locks to you largely without damage.

With our 24-hour emergency locksmith service, we also rely on fair, comprehensible prices – even on Sundays and bank holidays and around the clock!

100% guarantee for 12 months on all products and services.

In which scenarios can the locksmith service help?

The classic scenario for any locksmith service is a simple door opening:

If, for example, the door to your flat has fallen shut, we will generally open it in a few easy steps, inexpensively, professionally and without causing any damage.

Our employees only need a few minutes to solve this situation. Please do not do anything yourself, including drilling out the door.

Our emergency key service can offer you further assistance if, for example, you have locked a door and then lost the key. Our emergency key service can also help you if a key has broken off in the lock, blocking the lock cylinder (which can be replaced if necessary), and you have locked yourself out.

In this case, even a second key would be of no use to you – but we, with our emergency key service directly on-site in London, can also help you in this nightmare scenario inexpensively, quickly and professionally.

As an experienced emergency key service, we are happy to let you know in advance how expensive our services will be so that you do not have to take any financial risks with us.

Also, we will make any key, especially for you, if your key is broken or lost and replace any defective components. We help with any problem concerning keys, doors and burglary protection.

Isn't the locksmith service costly?

No! Our locksmith will try to find the most cost-effective way for the customer for every type of lock, locking system and door opening. Since a locked door is not a rare misfortune, our emergency locksmith has years of experience on hundreds of doors – so that they are almost always cases that our locksmith has also already seen.

We use this experience to proceed as quickly, carefully and at the same time cautiously as possible as an unlocking service. In this way, London Locksmith minimises your costs, among other things, due to the short journey times, and you can re-enter your home in London after only a short time and continue with your everyday life.

The times when an accidentally locked door disrupted your entire day’s plans are over – thanks to the competent fitters of our locksmith service. They deal with the situation promptly and effectively due to their vast experience.

If you contact other locksmiths in London, then you may well fall into a cost trap. We are a certified locksmith and stand out from other competitors in terms of price. Unfortunately, locksmiths in London are often far too expensive! Only with us you are on the safe side.

24/7 London Locksmith