Expert Advice from a Putney Locksmith: Choosing the Right Locks

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When it comes to ensuring the security of your home or business, choosing the right locks is essential. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision. That’s where the expertise of a professional locksmith in Putney comes into play. A reputable locksmith can provide valuable advice and guidance to help you choose the most appropriate locks for your specific needs. In this article, we will explore the expert advice offered by a Putney locksmith to help you make informed decisions and enhance the security of your property.

1. Assess Your Security Needs

Before selecting locks, it’s crucial to assess your security needs. Consider factors such as the type of property, its location, and the level of security required. A locksmith can conduct a comprehensive security assessment to identify vulnerable areas and recommend suitable lock options.

2. Understand Different Types of Locks

There are various types of locks available, each with its own features and benefits. These include deadbolts, mortise locks, knob locks, cylinder locks, and electronic locks. A locksmith can explain the pros and cons of each type and help you choose the most appropriate option based on your security requirements and budget.

3. Consider Lock Grades and Standards

Locks are often graded based on their level of security. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) assigns three grades to locks: Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3, with Grade 1 being the highest level of security. A locksmith can guide you in selecting locks that meet the necessary standards and provide optimal protection for your property.

4. Evaluate Lock Features

Locks come with various features that enhance their functionality and security. Some common features include anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-bump mechanisms. A locksmith can explain these features and recommend locks with the appropriate security measures to deter break-ins.

5. Consider Key Control and Access Systems

If you require advanced control and access systems, a locksmith can guide you in choosing options such as master key systems, keyless entry systems, or electronic access control systems. These systems offer convenience, flexibility, and enhanced security for residential and commercial properties.

6. Professional Installation

While choosing the right locks is crucial, their proper installation is equally important. A locksmith can ensure that your chosen locks are installed correctly, providing the maximum level of security. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle complex installations and ensure that the locks function smoothly.

7. Regular Maintenance

Once the locks are installed, it’s important to maintain them properly to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. A locksmith can offer advice on lock maintenance, including lubrication, cleaning, and periodic inspections to identify any potential issues.

Types of Door Locks & Uses

Door locks play a crucial role in securing your home or business. With various types of locks available, it’s important to understand their features and uses to make an informed decision. In this article, we will explore different types of door locks and their specific applications to help you choose the right lock for your needs.

Deadbolt Locks:

Deadbolt locks are commonly used for external doors and provide excellent security. They consist of a solid metal bolt that extends into the door jamb, making it resistant to forced entry. Deadbolts are available in single cylinder and double cylinder options. Single cylinder deadbolts use a key on the exterior side and a thumbturn on the interior side, while double cylinder deadbolts require a key for both sides. They are ideal for front doors, back doors, and any entry points that require high security.

Knob Locks:

Knob locks are the most common type of locks found in residential properties. They are often used as secondary security measures in conjunction with deadbolt locks. However, knob locks are not recommended as the sole lock for external doors, as they are susceptible to forced entry. They are more suitable for interior doors such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Lever Handle Locks:

Lever handle locks are commonly found in commercial properties and are designed for ease of use. They have a lever handle that can be easily operated, making them ideal for individuals with mobility issues or those who prefer a convenient option. Lever handle locks are available in various styles and security levels, making them suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

Mortise Locks:

Mortise locks are considered to be high-security locks commonly used in commercial buildings. They have a large, intricate design that requires professional installation. Mortise locks are durable, offer excellent protection against picking and forced entry, and come with various features such as deadlocking and anti-saw pins. They are suitable for both external and internal doors.

Cam Locks:

Cam locks are versatile locks that are often used for cabinets, drawers, mailboxes, and other small-scale applications. They consist of a cylindrical body with a rotating cam that locks and unlocks the mechanism. Cam locks are available in different lengths and configurations to accommodate various thicknesses of doors or drawers.

Smart Locks:

Smart locks are a modern and convenient option that allows you to control access to your property using your smartphone or other smart devices. They offer features such as keyless entry, remote access, and integration with home automation systems. Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and advanced security features.

When selecting a door lock, consider the specific requirements of your property, the level of security needed, and the type of door you have. It’s also important to consult with a professional locksmith who can provide expert advice and help you choose the most suitable lock for your needs.


Choosing the right locks for your property is a crucial step in enhancing security and providing peace of mind. By seeking expert advice from a professional locksmith in Putney, you can benefit from their knowledge, experience, and guidance in selecting the most suitable locks for your specific needs. Their expertise can help you assess security requirements, understand different lock types and features, and consider advanced access systems. With professional installation and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your chosen locks provide optimal protection for your property. When it comes to securing your home or business, consulting with a Putney locksmith is a wise decision to make informed choices and safeguard your property against potential threats. Contact us: 0203 667 3601

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