How burglars select which house to target

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Facts about how burglars choose a house

The burglars are just opportunistic people. They don’t take any risk and only pray on those flats and houses that have some flaw in their security system and something valuable for the burglars. The locksmith costs are a little too much for most people. Due to this, they prefer to not call a locksmith to get the flaw in their security system removed.

These are the opportunities that burglars look for. They look for all the possible entry points that give them access to the house with minimum resistance. They look for windows and doors that have damaged locks or are locked poorly as they are easy to open. Most of these acts are premeditated and the burglars put a lot of thinking into it.

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They only target a house after they have spotted some valuables for themselves in the house. In the United Kingdom, a lot of people get burgled every year. It has increased the fear of home burglary in people. Due to this, some people are now willing to pay locksmith prices. A lot of stuff can be done to keep the burglars away.

You just need to do something that removes your house from the hit list of burglars. You can take some measures that help in keeping the burglars away. In this blog, we are going to discuss the items that burglars look for when they choose a house. You can go through them and find out what you need to do to keep the burglars away.

Most burglars enter unsecured homes

It has been found that most people like to keep their doors and windows unlocked and open. It is like opening a doorway for burglars to target your home. It has been found that adults are most likely to do so. It is primarily due to this that most burglary victims are also adults. If you keep the doors and windows open then they will quickly enter and grab any valuable that they can get their hands on.

Due to this, it is suggested that you keep the doors and windows closed at all times, especially when you are leaving the house. Even if you are going to the nearest market you must lock the doors and windows. It will keep your home from becoming a target of burglars. If there is a damaged lock then pay the locksmith cost to get it repaired so that the burglars remain unable to enter your home.

Most burglars enter unsecured homes

Burglars easily break into houses with weak locks

The burglars look for the easiest way in the house. The loose and damaged locks are their favorite. It is because they are capable of opening them in no time without alerting the neighbors. The weak window locks are their favorite. You must get the locks repaired when they stop working. The locksmith prices are less if you call them during work hours by getting an appointment.

When looking for locks you must look for the best quality locks in the market. Several high-quality locks are security graded. These locks are very tough and prove to be a challenge for even experienced burglars. However, you still need to use them properly to ensure that they guard your home. If you don’t lock the doors and windows then the locks are useless.

Burglars easily break into houses with weak locks

Burglars return to houses they previously robbed

It has been found that the burglars prefer to target the same house and neighborhood again and again. It is because they understand the house and the area. Moreover, they know how to get access to the house and escape. The burglary victims believe that the burglars won’t come back as they have already taken the valuables.

Due to this, they don’t get the security system upgraded as the locksmith costs a lot. This is where they are wrong and they get burgled again and again by the same burglar. Due to this, we recommend that you get the security system in your home repaired and improved. There are several experts and experienced locksmiths in London who offer their services at affordable rates.

Moreover, if a house in your neighborhood has got burgled then now is the time to get your home security upgraded. It is because the burglars prefer to target the neighborhood again. So you might become their next target. The locksmith prices are a lot less than the valuables that the burglars will take away.

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Most burglars take advantage of dark shades

Most burglars are opportunistic individuals who hate to take risks. They target the houses that lack security lighting. The shades act as a perfect hiding spot for the burglars. They wait until the time is right and then quickly enter the house. They grab the valuables very quickly and go back to the dark hiding place as they are sure that they wouldn’t be seen.

If bushes and trees around the house are not properly maintained then they act as a hiding spot for the burglars. Due to this, it is recommended that you get some security lights for your home. They will scare these opportunistic people and keep them away. Moreover, if you keep your garden area well-trimmed and maintained then it gives a nice look to your home.

Doing so will also ensure that the burglars don’t have any hiding spots. This will make entering your home risky for the burglars and they would try to avoid it. Moreover, you must invest in an alarm system. They will keep the burglars away by alerting you whenever someone enters your property.

Easy to access the garden

The burglars are quite experts in finding the weak areas in the security system of the house. If your garden is not properly maintained and has a weak security system then the burglars get easy access to the house. Installing a fence will keep the burglars away from the garden. Moreover, you must install a door lock on the garden’s gate to make it more secure.

Burglars know when you are on a vacation

It is very easy for people to find out when you are away from your home. There are easy-to-spot signs that tell burglars that the homeowners are away on holiday. Some things that inform burglars that the homeowners are away include

  • Empty house
  • Full mailboxes
  • Overgrown and unkempt trees and bushes in the garden
  • Security lights and motion sensors are not turned on or remain turned on at all times

It is advisable that you ask a relative or friend to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Investing in a motion or time-activated security light is also helpful in keeping the burglars away. You must not look at locksmith costs when it comes to securing your loved ones and valuables.

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Opportunistic burglars always go after something valuable

A major problem throughout the United Kingdom is that people keep valuables near windows and main doors. It is things like them that entice the burglars to target the home and steal the valuables. Most burglaries are premeditated; however, some of them are solely based upon opportunities. If you give them an opportunity, they are sure to target your home.

A common sign is an unknown vehicle or individual near your home. They will be passing your home, again and again, to look for valuables that they can steal. Once they get the opportunity they will enter quickly and grab as many valuables as they can in the shortest possible time. If you install a safe box and keep the valuables in it then it will save your valuables.

It is advisable to keep jewelry, watches, and other valuables in the safe. The locksmiths are capable of providing a wide range of safes depending upon your need and budget. You must use curtains and blindfolds to limit the view from outside. However, it is wiser to keep the valuables away from windows and doors so that the burglars remain unable to spot them.

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Availability of CCTV cameras

The burglars avoid homes that have visible security cameras. They consider the cameras a threat as they hate getting caught. They think that such homes are highly secured and they wouldn’t be able to enter them. Moreover, the cameras help the homeowners in spotting suspicious activities around the house.

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Secure your homes with high-quality door locks

If you are looking for a reliable way to keep your home safe then get high-quality door locks. A common suggestion is anti-snap locks. The high-quality locks are the selection of every household in the United Kingdom. It is because these locks are very strong and offer maximum resistance to burglars.

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Final verdict

The burglars have been a problem for homeowners for several years. However, if you understand the burglars and how they choose their target then you can take precautions. These precautions will help keep the burglars away. If you want to secure your home then call our helpline. You must not look at locksmith prices when it comes to securing your home.

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