What is the cost to laser cut keys and replace them?

cost to laser cut keys

You know what it’s like to lose a key or be locked out of your car. While having a spare key is a good idea in theory, it can be difficult to keep track of. It could be that you are traveling far away or don’t know how to return to your spare key. Or maybe you’ve even lost your house key, too!

No matter what the emergency, you can be thankful for emergency assistance so you don’t get stuck in a rut. You may wonder, however, what does it cost to replace a key or laser cut one before you call a locksmith?

What is a Laser Cut Key and how does it work?

Laser-cut keys, a type of key that is unique to automobiles, have been on the market since the late 1990s. They are not used by all cars, but they have become increasingly popular due to their greatest benefit, added security.

Laser-cut keys have a thicker base. The cut is done down the middle of each side of the key, not along the sides. They are strong and can be used in any way that you insert them into the engine.

Laser cut keys offer additional security as they require special equipment. This means that they cannot be duplicated. Additionally, thieves are more difficult to pick their locks. Some car manufacturers have gone further by adding a transponder chip to the key. This prevents the ignition system from starting unless it is near the chip.

Laser Cut Key Cost

Most people don’t have a locksmith on their speed dial. It is difficult to anticipate what you might need when you are in dire need of a service, such as getting an laser cut key .

How much does it cost for a laser-cut key? It can vary. This service will cost you anywhere from £95.00 to £165.00. If you require a laser-cut key, there may be an additional charge for programming the transponder or the key cutting. Many technicians will charge a fee to come to your home.

Locksmiths are aware that you may be in a jam and will talk with you about your situation and offer pricing options.

Locksmith Lock Change for Laser Cut Keys

Although you probably didn’t plan to have a laser-cut key replaced, life will always surprise you. Lock Change Locksmith is the right place to call if you’re in this situation. Our team of experts is located in all major London areas and can laser cut keys in any situation, even emergencies.

Call us now – 0203.667.3601.

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